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Christ College, Pune, Maharashtra, India

In Association with

International Foundation for Environment and Ecology, India

In Collaboration with

Confederation of Indian Universities, New Delhi, India


Man’s capability to transform his environment can bring the benefits of economic development and an opportunity to enhance the quality of life. But this same power incorrectly applied for a long span of time has led to depletion of resources and at the same time caused immense harm to the natural environment and consequently to human life. Delayed remedial action will cost considerably more and the damage will become irreversible. The need of the hour is to plan a balanced system giving due importance to socio-economic, technological and ecological factors for the proper allocation of resources in order to fulfill the needs and aspirations of present and future generations without degrading the environment.

The 5th International Conference on Environment and Ecology (ICEE 2019) will provide an opportunity to discuss current environmental issues, promote greater collaboration and strengthen the connection among scientists, policymakers and activists. The conference will further help in developing a strong network among scientists, academicians, voluntary organizations, youths including students and teachers along with community people to share their expertise in order to find integrated and comprehensive solutions for different environmental issues affecting the planet earth.


The goals of the International Conference on Environment and Ecology (ICEE 2019) are:

1. To generate new knowledge related to understanding the background and causes of different ecological and environmental events at the local and global levels

2. To bring together the world’s leading scientists, economists, and policy experts to explain the often-neglected debate on environmental and ecological issues

3. To share the results of the conference with policymakers, civic and business leaders, and the interested public in order to arrive at constructive and progressive approaches to abate environmental problems and ensure sustainability

4. To set the groundwork for future conferences and publications on environmental and ecological issues